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Yulimar Rojas: “I don’t have a roof. I can get what my heart and mind want “

Yulimar Rojas raises his fist on the podium in Tokyo singing the anthem of Venezuela.CHRISTIAN BRUNA / EFE

Joy has never been seen on the podium like the joy of Yulimar Rojas, who, when the tray with the gold medal is brought to her, to her right, the Portuguese Patricia Mamona, to her left, her friend Ana Peleteiro, stays a few seconds looking at her, all golden, shining brightly in the morning sun that burns, like a child in a candy store window, the same look of anticipated pleasure, and he grabs it, kisses it, and hangs it on, and then, when the Glory to the brave people, the Venezuelan Marseillaise, begins to dance to the rhythm of the music, and sings it, although it is not heard, her voice covered by the mask, and raises her fist happily, rhythmic, as she would at school, as a child, when the “ let us shout with vigor, let the oppression die! ”.

He has jumped 15.67m (5.86m in the hop, the boat; 3.82, in the step, the little step; 5.99m in the jump, the final jump). Not 24 hours ago he has broken a world record older than his life, two months older than his 25 years, and he is already thinking about the next day. And she laughs with a huge hahahahaha when the press urges her: when will the 16 meters? When do you become the first woman to jump 16 meters? Quite a challenge that would scare anyone and she finds it funny.

“Hahahahaha!” He repeats. “The 16 meters is a very present goal in my life, and I was already quite close. Every day I am sure that the possible mark of 16 meters becomes more evident, and, look, I am an athlete who does not set limits, I have no ceiling. I can get what my mind and my heart want. The 16 meters is part of my daily fight ”.

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