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Young girls started getting pregnant, had to leave school due to shame, this country got upset


  • In Zimbabwe, the speed of girls becoming pregnant during the Corona period increased
  • A large number of girls dropping out of school due to pregnancy
  • The government had to take measures to increase the education level of girls

During the Corona Pandemic in the African country of Zimbabwe, the rate of pregnancy of young girls has increased rapidly. Due to this a large number of girl children in the country have had to drop out of schools. His body is often ridiculed in schools. Many of these cases are related to illicit relations. In such a situation, to prevent its effect on other children, the government implemented a strict law in 2020. Under this, pregnant girls were banned from going to school. As a result, the drop out percentage of girls in schools started increasing rapidly. Now the government is running many schemes to send such girls to school.

One in three is married under the age of 18
One out of every three girls in Zimbabwe is married off under the age of 18. Unplanned pregnancies, loose laws, poverty, cultural and religious practices are making the situation worse in this country. The total population of Zimbabwe is around 1.5 million. Due to the corona virus Pandemic, this country implemented a strict lockdown in March 2020. The government had closed schools and colleges. In between they were reopened only for a few days. Despite this, not much attention was paid especially to girls. As a result, these girls were kept out of reach of contraceptives and clinics.

The speed of getting pregnant increased during the Corona period
Social activists and Zimbabwean officials said poverty affected people especially during the Corona period. Due to this a large number of people got their girls married. Many girls were also victims of sexual abuse. Taungana Ndoro, an education official in Zimbabwe, said the government, facing rising numbers, had to wait until August 2020 to change the law.

There was a ban on pregnant girls going to school
The Zimbabwean government has long banned pregnant girl students from attending schools and colleges. The government then argued that it was necessary for a developing nation to do so, but this policy was not successful. Due to this decision of the government, most of the girls did not return to school. Poverty, illiteracy, fear of stigma overwhelm the families so much that they hesitated to send their daughters to school.

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This is the punishment for sex crime in Zimbabwe
In Zimbabwe, having sex with a girl under the age of 16 is considered rape under the law. Those guilty of doing so can be punished with imprisonment of up to 10 years, or with fine, or with both. But most of the cases in this country do not reach the door of justice. Police spokesman Paul Nyathi said families fear humiliation. They try to hide such matters. In such a situation, the practice of marriage of minor girls is also increasing rapidly.

Look at the drop out ratio of girls
In 2018, around 3,000 girls dropped out of school in Zimbabwe due to pregnancies. This number remained relatively stable in 2019. This number jumped in 2020 and 4,770 pregnant students dropped out. In 2021, this figure touched the sky. According to Women’s Affairs Minister Sithembiso Nyoni, about 5,000 students became pregnant in the first two months of the year. In all of Africa, Zimbabwe is not alone. During the pandemic, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Malawi, Madagascar, South Africa and Zambia “all reported a significant increase in cases of sexual and gender-based violence,