WorldYKS additional placement preferences started

YKS additional placement preferences started

OSYMAccording to the announcement made on the website of the 2021-YKS Additional Placement preferencesni, between 20-23 September 2021 with the TR ID numbers and passwords of ÖSYM “” Internet address or ÖSYM Candidate Transactions Mobile Application.

According to the announcement, the preference process, which starts at 10:00, will end at 23:59 on September 23, 2021.

It was stated that the candidates who will make a choice should carefully examine the guide and make their choices in line with the guideline information.

It was noted that additional placement procedures will be carried out in accordance with the rules specified in the 2021 Higher Education Institutions Exam Guide, the 2021-YKS Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide and the 2021-YKS Higher Education Programs Supplementary Placement Guide.

ÖSYM President Halis Aygün, in his post on the subject, on his Twitter account, said:

“Dear YKS candidates, we are starting the selection process for the 2021-YKS first additional placement. You can make your choices on our ‘’ page and our OSYM AIS mobile application between September 20-23. I wish you good luck with your choices. The second additional placement process will be started for the vacant quotas that will be determined after the registration of the candidates who will be placed according to the results of the first additional placement.In the second additional placement, the candidates who cannot be placed in the general placement and the first additional placement, the candidates with a TYT score of at least 140 and the AYT/YDT score at least Candidates with a score of 170 will be able to choose.

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