WorldYield expectation in Çivril, the Aegean's apple store, is 180 thousand tons.

Yield expectation in Çivril, the Aegean’s apple store, is 180 thousand tons.

It is one of the most important agricultural production items of the district. AppleAfter being meticulously collected from the trees and separated according to their quality in the garden, the domestic market and export is packaged for. It is expected to yield 180 thousand tons of apples, which have buyers in many markets both at home and abroad and harvested on an area of ​​100 thousand decares this year.

Granny Smith, braeburn, golden delicious Civril apples are preferred because of their juicy and soft fruit structure and taste. Harvest is expected to continue for two months in the district, which is among the leading centers of apple production in Turkey.

Çivril Chamber of Agriculture President Mehmet Özkul told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the harvest continues on 4,000 apple trees throughout the district. Explaining that the climatic conditions are good for apples this year, Özkul said, “We expect 180 thousand tons of harvest from our apple orchard, which is over 100 thousand decares in our district. Last year, our harvest was around 160 thousand tons. The yield changes according to the years and climatic conditions. This year’s low rainfall affects the apple positively. We had problems with irrigation, but the black spot on the apple did not happen because there was not much rain.” said.

Explaining that the Çivril apple reveals itself with its aroma and taste, Özkul said, “Our Çivril apple is ‘Take me’ with its colour, juiciness and taste. “It is very preferred because it has a long shelf life. Currently, our apples are harvested for 6-7 months, as they are when they are plucked from the branch unless there is a problem in the warehouse. However, the producer suffers from the price. The inputs have increased. Our prices have returned to what it was 15 years ago. Even though our farmer is negatively affected by the costs, continues to produce in order to bring quality apples to the consumer.” made its assessment.


Producer Veli Avcı stated that he expects a yield of 80 tons from his field this year, “This year, we sell apples between 1.80 and 2 liras. We give the first quality product to the market. We will continue to work in the field so that citizens can eat quality apples.” he said.

Farmer Yalçın Ulusoy explained that they will continue to produce apples despite the increase in costs, “Our apples are very good this year. The harvest is going well. We will work overtime in our field so that all of Turkey can taste our high quality Çivril apples.” said.

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