WorldYield and price of pumpkin seeds for snack delight producers in Kayseri

Yield and price of pumpkin seeds for snack delight producers in Kayseri

It is grown in the fields at the foot of Erciyes Mountain and has an aromatic flavor due to its tuffy soil structure. pumpkin seedshas become sought after in the market for its quality.

Ahmet Öztaş, President of Tomarza Pumpkin Seed Producers Association, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that 35 percent of Turkey’s need for confectionery seeds. KayseriHe said that 65 percent of the production in the city takes place in Tomarza.

Stating that they are satisfied with the product yield this year, Öztaş said:

“We have achieved the product quality this year, which we lost due to the weather conditions last year. This year, we have exceeded the 20-22 thousand tons band, even though the harvest was not completely. This allowed our farmers to breathe a little more easily. This year, again, the price started from 22 liras per kilogram, but 26 -It goes up to 27 liras. Of course, the demand of the market will show if we can catch the 30 lira band.

Our core is top notch. Framed cultivation in irrigated agriculture has started from time to time in our region, but generally we plant barren due to the geographical structure of the region. The roughness of the land is also not very suitable for irrigation, but the core is better fed due to its sandy and pumice soil structure. These give the bean an aromatic flavor. The farmer should be satisfied this year both in terms of yield and price. Last year, as a region, we had a yield of 12-13 thousand tons and a product loss of 65 percent. We are currently at 90 percent in terms of quality and product increase.”


“We are number one in Turkey”

Explaining that they dry the pumpkin seeds naturally, Öztaş said that the product must be completely dried, otherwise its shelf life will be shortened.

Expressing that they offer the seeds to the market through traders, Öztaş said, “We are number one in Turkey in terms of quality, taste and all aspects of pumpkin seeds. Since our seeds are of high quality, the demand is high. Tomarza pumpkin seeds reach every region of Turkey. Our pumpkin seeds go to the Middle East and even to South America. We want to move forward in branding.” he said.

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