WorldYemen: Southern Transition Council accused of arresting 400 people within a week

Yemen: Southern Transition Council accused of arresting 400 people within a week

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A Human Rights League in Yemen has accused the UAE-backed Southern Transition Council of arresting 400 people following armed clashes in the country’s temporary capital, Aden, there. about a week.

This is what emerges from a statement released by the League of Mothers of Kidnapped Persons, Aden branch, on Monday evening.

According to the statement, more than 400 citizens suspected of being involved in the recent Aden events, including children and the elderly, have been arrested.

The statement held “the seat belt forces affiliated with the Transition Council” responsible for the lives and safety of those arbitrarily detained.

The Human Rights Defense League also called on “all human rights organizations to support the relatives and families of detainees until their return safe and sound”.

Until 6:30 a.m. (GMT), the Southern Transition Council did not comment on this matter.

On October 2, Aden was the scene of violent clashes between Transitional Council forces and dissident gunmen, resulting in several injuries and the death of 6 people, including a child.

Under the control of the Transitional Council since August 2019, Aden is the scene from time to time of clashes between several forces in the country and experiences frequent crises of petroleum derivatives, and continuous cuts of electricity and water for various reasons.

Yemen has been in the throes of a seven-year war between government forces backed by an Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the Iranian-backed Houthi group, which has left 233,000 dead. 80% of the population, or about 30 million people, has become dependent on aid to survive, according to the United Nations.

* Translated from Arabic by Hajer Cherni

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