WorldYemen: government calls for international deterrent position to stop Houthi attacks

Yemen: government calls for international deterrent position to stop Houthi attacks

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The Yemeni government demanded on Saturday a clear and dissuasive international position to stop the Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia.

This is what emerges from a statement from the Yemeni foreign ministry, hours after the announcement of the death toll of 10 civilians injured in a Houthi attack on a Saudi airport.

The statement affirmed the “condemnation of the desperate attempts by the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia to threaten the security of Saudi Arabia … and the continuation of its aggressive attacks on civilian areas and facilities. , as well as public goods “.

The Yemeni foreign ministry called for “adopting a clear and dissuasive position on the part of the international community, to put an end to these deliberate and systematic acts of aggression and to hold the instigators to account”.

He also clarified that “such hostile acts are considered a war crime, which involves the taking of all necessary measures to protect the security, stability and territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia”, according to the same. communicated.

The Arab Coalition announced on Friday and Saturday in two separate statements that 10 civilians were injured after a Houthi projectile was fired from a drone which targeted the city’s King Abdullah airport. from Jizan, southwestern Saudi Arabia.

In another statement, the Coalition also claimed “the interception and destruction of a second explosive-laden drone that attempted to target civilians at the airport,” and provided photos of the drone debris, which was destroyed by Saudi air defenses.

Until 11:50 GMT, the Houthi group had not yet commented on the matter, however the group generally announces attacks on Saudi airports, which often draw condemnations from Arab countries.

The Houthis usually fire ballistic missiles and drones loaded with explosives at areas of Saudi Arabia. For its part, the Arab Coalition, led by Riyadh, still issues communiques announcing the interception of these attacks, which does not prevent some of the Houthi strikes causing casualties among civilians.

Yemen has been the scene of a war for almost 7 years, which has claimed more than 233,000 lives, in a country where 80% of the population, or about 30 million people, are dependent on support and aid to survive, in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, according to the United Nations.

The conflict is all the more complex as it has regional repercussions. Since March 2015, a Coalition led by neighboring Saudi Arabia has been carrying out military operations in support of government forces, facing the Iranian-backed Houthis, who control several governorates, including the capital, Sanaa.

* Translated from Arabic by Mounir Bennour.

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