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Yemen: Big blow to Houthi rebels, 43 fighters killed in attacks by Saudi coalition forces

Marib (Yemen)
At least 50 people have been killed in fierce fighting between Houthi rebels and an Arab-led coalition advancing to capture Yemen’s key city Marib. Military sources gave this information on Sunday. A source said 43 Houthi fighters had been killed in the past 48 hours. Most of them have been killed in coalition air strikes. At the same time, another source said that at least seven soldiers have also died.

400 people died so far
Nearly 400 people have lost their lives during the conflict in Marib this month. After failing to penetrate defenses west of Marib, the Houthis opened new fronts along the province’s southern borders with Shabwa and al-Bayda. The rebels attacked troops in al-Abediya, Behan and Oseln. After the attacks, the army sent new troops and military equipment to these areas. Local tribes have also taken up arms against the Houthis.

New territories captured by Houthi rebels
A military source said Houthi militias have captured new areas in Marib province after fierce fighting with government troops. The source told Xinhua news agency that Houthi militia advanced from Harib district on Saturday and captured the top of Mala Hill, the adjacent valley of Om Reish and part of the main highway in the region, which is located in al-Juba district and the city of Marib, the capital of the province. leads to.

Dozens of soldiers killed
He said on condition of anonymity that dozens of soldiers were killed and wounded trying to thwart the militia attack. The Houthi group has yet to comment. With the capture of Harib District last week, the Houthi group now controls 10 of the province’s 14 districts. The Iran-backed Houthi militia launched a major offensive in February in an attempt to take control of the oil-rich province, the last northern stronghold of the Saudi-backed Yemeni government.