WorldYemen: Army takes control of several strategic sites in al-Bayda

Yemen: Army takes control of several strategic sites in al-Bayda

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The Yemeni army announced on Wednesday that it had taken control of several strategic military sites in the governorate of Al-Bayda (center), after intense fighting with the Houthis.

The forces of the “Giants Brigades” (affiliated with the army) continued their advance towards the town of al-Bayda with the help of the tribes of the Hamiqan family (loyal to the government). The Brigades said they had “cleaned up the district of Al-Zahir and regained control of the surrounding mountains”.

The statement, citing “Giants Brigades” colonel Youssef Al-Bariq, reported that “the forces took control of the mountains in the areas of Al-Muzaffar and succeeded in liberating Mount Muslim overlooking the center of Province”.

“Mount Souda, near the town of al-Bayda, has also been released,” the statement said without giving further details.

For its part, the Houthi group announced that it had killed and injured more than 80 members of the government forces in the districts of Al-Soma and Al-Zaher in the governorate of al-Bayda.

The Houthi-affiliated Saba News Agency quoted an (anonymous) military source, who claimed that “a number of sites have been taken over in the two districts”, without specifying their nature.

Government forces on Friday launched a large-scale military operation dubbed “Al-Najm Al-Thaqib” to liberate Houthi-controlled Al-Bayda governorate.

Yemen is the scene of a war which has lasted for almost 7 years, and which claimed the lives of more than 233,000 people. 80% of the population, around 30 million people, depend on aid to survive in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, according to the United Nations.

The conflict is further complicated by the fact that it has regional extensions. Since March 2015, an Arab coalition led by the Saudi neighbor has carried out military operations to support government forces, facing the Houthis, supported by Iran, and who control several provinces, including the capital, Sanaa.

* Translated from Arabic by Hajer Cherni

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