WorldYemen: 85 Houthi rebels killed in Marib (Arab Coalition)

Yemen: 85 Houthi rebels killed in Marib (Arab Coalition)

AA / Yemen

The Arab Coalition announced on Tuesday that it had killed 85 armed Houthi fighters in Marib governorate in central Yemen.

In a brief statement, the Saudi-led Coalition said “we have carried out 21 operations targeting military devices and elements of the Houthi militia in the areas of Al-Jawba (50 km south of Marib) and Al- Kassara (30 km northwest of Marib) in the last 24 hours “.

“The operations made it possible to destroy 9 military vehicles and to neutralize 85 terrorist elements of the Houthis”, specifies the Coalition without giving more details.

For its part, the Yemeni army declared that “its forces, supported by popular resistance, waged heavy fighting against the Iranian Houthi militia and repulsed their attacks south of Marib”.

“The fighting that has taken place over the past few hours has left dozens of Houthis dead and injured, including (unidentified) field leaders, in addition to material damage,” said the same statement including the Agency. Anadolu obtained a copy.

On the other hand, the Houthi “SABA” News Agency, citing an (unidentified) security source, reported that “the Arab Coalition air force carried out 16 raids on the Al-Jawba district, and two raids on the districts of Sarwah and Madghal, in the west of the governorate.

The same source pointed out that “the Coalition raids caused damage to public and private property”, without mentioning further details.

* Translated from Arabic by Hend Abdessamad

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