Yeh Hai Mera Bharat: Durga Puja organized by Muslim community for Hindu...

Yeh Hai Mera Bharat: Durga Puja organized by Muslim community for Hindu neighbors

Our country is a very beautiful country. People of many religions, castes and communities have lived together here for centuries. We are the only country in the whole world, where most of the festivals are celebrated. People of all religions make their life awesome by participating in each other’s festivals. Right now the festival of Durga Puja is about to come in the country. In such a situation, its preparations are also going on in the country. People are preparing for the installation of pandals and idols with great enthusiasm. Recently, a cute video is trending on social media. People are getting very happy after watching this video. Before I say anything, you must watch this video 2 times in a row.

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Actually, it can be seen in this video that some Muslim community people are preparing for Durga Puja for their neighbors. They are preparing so that a smile comes on their face.

This video has been shared by Tamal Saha on his Twitter handle. So far this video has been viewed by more than 10 thousand people. At the same time, hundreds of people have commented on it. One user has written – This is the identity of Kolkata and Bengal. At the same time, another user has written – This is my beloved India.

In this video a person says that I feel happy that I am getting Durga Puja organized. I have made all the preparations for the puja, as well as arranged for the Pandit. Today the country needs an India like this.


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