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Xi’an Lockdown: 13 million people of China are starving, imprisoned in homes for 9 days, if the latch is opened then it is not good


  • Food and drink shortage due to lockdown in Xi’an city of China
  • There is a ban on people coming out of their homes without a Covid test
  • 1 crore 30 lakh population on the verge of starvation due to lack of government help

The situation is getting worse due to the corona virus lockdown in Xi’an city of China. Many people have said that they are left with no food to eat due to the unnecessary strictness being done in the lockdown. At the same time, Chinese officials have claimed that enough food is being supplied to the people. In this city, one crore 30 lakh people are imprisoned in their homes for the last nine days.

Complete ban on people coming out of their homes
According to the BBC report, compared to the lockdown imposed in countries around the world, Chinese people cannot go out even for essential reasons like buying food. The government claims that the supply of food is the same as before, but many people on social media say that they have not yet received the food items. Many people have mentioned about the situation like starvation.

China is imposing lockdown even after a minor case
The announcement of the lockdown in Shiyan has been made recently after the increase in the cases of corona. In the last days of the year, once again the cases of corona in China have increased rapidly. Yet this number is not even one percent of the daily corona cases in India and other countries. China is already infamous for hiding the actual figures of infection. In such a situation, no one has been able to find the actual corona cases in Xian. At the same time, after the case of Omicron in early December, China has increased more strictness.

Corona returning to China! Crores of people imprisoned in homes after cases increased, strict lockdown imposed
no one can go out without corona test
Initially, China allowed residents of Xi’an city to go out once every two days to buy food and other basic items, one person per family. But on Monday the rules were tightened. People are not being allowed to go out without getting tested for corona virus. Now getting the corona test done every time to get the goods has become a problem for the residents of Shiyan.

Worker prepares food supplies to be delivered to residents of a residential compound under lockdown in Xian.

People expressed pain in social media
People have taken to Chinese social media Weibo to get food and other essentials during the lockdown. Many people said that they are yet to get their government help. One person wrote in the post that I am waiting for the goods ordered online for the last four days. I am not even being allowed to come out of my compound. I have run out of food items.

Population of 40 lakhs, 6 positive cases and China imposed lockdown in the entire city, what is the matter?
People said – we do not have food left
Another user wrote that the supply of government help is so uneven that the district where I am located has not received anything. We have been asked to group together and order. The price is also very high. A video has also been shared on social media this week, in which some people from an apartment in Shiyan are seen arguing with the police over lack of food.

Xian_ In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, subdistrict office staff ca....

Chinese officials admitted – people are facing difficulties
China’s state media Global Times said food was being delivered at entry gates of residential complexes in some places, but there were not enough people to deliver help to residents’ doorsteps. There is also a shortage of deliverymen in the entire city. Many many drivers themselves are in quarantine. Chinese officials acknowledged on Wednesday that the city has had problems providing essential supplies due to low staff presence and difficulties in providing help.

Rider travels on an empty road following lockdown measures in Xian (1).

Difficulties increased due to lockdown in Xi’an city of China