WorldWorld's Richest Families: Mukesh Ambani is in sixth place

World’s Richest Families: Mukesh Ambani is in sixth place

Own report: A list of 25 richest families in the world has been published. The list was created by Bloomberg. The Walton family of Walmart topped their list with সম্পত্তি 237.2 billion in assets.

The confectionery company Mars is in second place with সম্পত্তি 141.9 billion in assets after the Walton family, followed by the Koch family, which owns the Koch industry with ৪ 124.4 billion. India also got a place in the list. India’s Mukesh Ambani’s family is on the list as usual. They are sixth on the list with সম্পত্তি 93.6 billion in assets.

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Also on the list are French technology and aviation company Dassaults, and New York-based cosmetics company Estee Lauder. Once again, the companies that have found a place in this list have also been left out in terms of recent accounts. For example, the business family of Samsung in South Korea.

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