WorldWorld Car-Free Day 2021: Still driving? You made a mistake!

World Car-Free Day 2021: Still driving? You made a mistake!

Own report: Now the world is running on the wheels of the car, but what is the harm if the car wheels are off for a day? No, not a strike, it’s just a small step to save the environment. This is an attempt to protect the environment without driving. Appeal to drivers this day– Please, don’t drive one day!

The official website of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) reports that a car-free day is actually a step forward in reducing air pollution. It is also important to encourage ordinary people to walk and cycle in a relatively healthy environment.

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Such an idea of ​​car-free days has been enthusiastically observed in Britain, Iceland, etc. since 1990. However, since 2000, the idea of ​​a car-free day has become popular and strong.

According to the World Carfree Network, this World Car-free Day is a day when global warming is somewhat mitigated. Because if ordinary people leave their cars and walk or cycle to reach their destination or use public transport, the carbon burns less and the pollution is less.

Our society is now a ‘car-dominated society’. We have to get out of that situation. Because, if it continues, the environment will become more polluted day by day. As a result, this car-free day can bring a day’s relief from this pollution.

In 2015, this car-without-one-day idea was seen in Paris. And as a result, air pollution is reduced by 40 percent. The United Nations cited this information in its report.

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