WorldWorld Beard Day: Have you shaved today? Made a fatal mistake!...

World Beard Day: Have you shaved today? Made a fatal mistake! Do you know why?

Own report: ‘To beard or not to beard, that is the question’! Beard-less or beard-tied– that’s the real thing! Such a crisis came on World Beard Day.

Smiling when you hear ‘World Beard Day’? If so, listen, every year this ‘World Beard Day’ is celebrated on the first Saturday of September. That is, coincidentally the day is today. On this day, beard-loving people all over the world praise beards together and talk about beards. On this day, they loudly express that the bearded people are the real happiness.

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The beard is also the style quotient of the person concerned. As a result, men also celebrate their own style statement about whether or not to have a beard. However, there is a reform involved with this day. And no matter what you do, no one should shave on this day! It is believed that shaving is a bad thing on this day. And it is better to avoid it.

There is also a custom of giving a feast to the bearded men on this day. In many places, bearded men go to Dede’s banquet on this day.

Exactly when and where such a day originated is not very clear. It is widely believed, however, that in 600 BC, Danish pirates dreamed of such a day and celebrated it with arbitrary drinking. Since then, perhaps, this practice has been going on in various ways even today.

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