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Women’s World Cup: Indian team’s claim of reaching the last four strong, know how Mithali Raj’s team can make it to the semi-finals

new Delhi: In the Women’s World Cup being played in New Zealand, India on Tuesday kept the hopes of reaching the semi-finals alive by defeating Bangladesh. India has won three out of six matches. He has six points. India achieved a massive 110-run victory over Bangladesh. Due to this his run rate has also improved. India’s run rate is 0.768. It is much better than the rest of the teams. This victory means that India’s future in the tournament is in its own hands. India has only one match left in the tournament which will be played against South Africa on Sunday.

If the Indian team beats South Africa on Sunday, they will easily qualify for the semi-finals. It will not affect the outcome of the rest of the matches. The run rate of the Indian team is so strong that it can be called impossible for South Africa and West Indies to surpass it.

If South Africa’s team defeats West Indies on Thursday, then the road will become easier for India. In such a situation, the Indian team can reach the semi-finals even after losing to South Africa. In such a situation, India, West Indies and New Zealand – all three teams will have six points. And if England wins the rest of their matches against Pakistan and Bangladesh, then it will be eight points. India’s run rate is in his favor and he will overtake New Zealand and West Indies.

However, if South Africa loses to West Indies and beats India, it will be difficult for the Indian team. In such a situation, the points of Australia, England, South Africa and West Indies can be higher than India and Team India’s journey can end here.