IndiaWomen's rights are not about riding on others: KM Shaji

Women’s rights are not about riding on others: KM Shaji


  • The right of women is not to ride roughshod over others
  • A time when women are empowered
  • The time when women perform best

Kochi: Muslim League leader KM Shaji said that the rights of women are not to ride roughshod over others. If you go out to party, the market will increase. The organization must be seen as absolute. Shaji said that girls in Haritha should follow the example of Mamata Banerjee. Shaji’s response was at the CH memorial seminar organized by the Green State Committee in Kozhikode.

This is a time when women are empowered. Women are doing well in places where they come into governance. Shaji also said that women’s rights should not be used to ride roughshod over others.

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Noorbina Rashid, National General Secretary of the Muslim League, said at the same event that women in the Muslim League do not stand for gender equality. Do not forget the community and do political work. Our work is not for the gender minority. The League’s minority is a religious minority. Nowhere in the League’s constitution is it stated to stand for a gender minority. Nurbina said those born into the Muslim community have a culture that needs to be preserved.

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But Fatima Tahlia, former national vice-president of the MSF, said that speaking out and fighting for the rights of Muslim girls was the energy poured in by CH Mohammed Koya. She was speaking in an article in a media daily on the occasion of the 38th death anniversary of CH Mohammad Koya. “If anyone sees Muslim girls being educated and led to progress and speak out for their rights, then CH is responsible,” Fatima said.

At the same time, the new green leadership has come out in full support of the Muslim League leadership and rejected the old office bearers. The new leadership is confident that there will be no stances from the Greens that hurt the League leaders. Green General Secretary Rumaisa Rafiq said that time has proved that all the positions taken by the party against the public consciousness are correct. Rumaisa was speaking on the topic of ‘Numbness of the Women’s Renaissance’.

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