World'Women's Empowerment in Africa' event was held at Africa House

‘Women’s Empowerment in Africa’ event was held at Africa House

Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD) South Africa Representative Nefeesa Ebrahim invited investors to South Africa, a perfect place to do business.

African HouseEbrahim, who participated in the event on “Women’s Empowerment in Africa” ​​as a speaker, said that she was recently elected a female president of MUSIAD and became the first female president from South Africa.

Noting that women will face many challenges in a male-dominated business world, Ebrahim stated that women should seek opportunities to advance.

Ebrahim said, “We have to transcend the male-dominated region and reach there, we will prove that we will be successful. There is women’s freedom in South Africa, we can interact in environments and we can be very successful as women. “I greet you on your behalf. I’ve seen universities in Turkey. You have a lot of female students and lately we see women with three or five children studying.” said.

AfricaStating that women should be empowered, Ebrahim said, “We see it as our goal and vision to transform educated girls with equal opportunities into strong, intelligent women who can take a leadership role. Women born in the African continent reflect the evolution and history of the African continent. We must realize that the first member of society is a woman.” said.

The Prophet Muhammad’s wife, Hz. Speaking about Hatice, Ebrahim emphasized that these examples should be looked at in order to ensure progress.

South AfricaStating that Turkey is an excellent place for trade, Ebrahim said, “We are a very well-structured country. Our infrastructure is excellent.” said.

Ebrahim added that they will help women who will come to invest in South Africa.

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