IndiaWomen television presenters in Afghanistan must cover their faces; The Taliban...

Women television presenters in Afghanistan must cover their faces; The Taliban with the proposal

Kabul: The Taliban government has demanded that all female presenters on Afghan television channels be covered. Tolo News, Afghanistan’s leading media outlet, reported the news on Thursday.

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The Tolo News Channel tweeted that the order came in a statement from the Taliban’s Ministry of Virtue and Wise and the Ministry of Information and Culture. The channel said the order was “final and irreversible”. Recently, the Taliban made it clear that men and women should not dine together in restaurants.

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The statement was sent to the Moby Group, which owns Tolo News and several other TV and radio networks. The tweet said the same applies to other Afghan media. An Afghan local media official has confirmed that he received his station order.

He commented that they had no other choice. He said he was afraid of problems with the authorities and did not recognize himself and his station.

Many female presenters have shared pictures of themselves covering their faces during performances on social media. Leading Tollon News presenter Yalda Ali has posted a video of herself wearing a mask.

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When the Taliban first came to power in 1996-2001, they imposed excessive restrictions on women. It was made clear that all women should wear a burqa that covers the entire body. In addition, they were barred from public life and education.

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