India'Women empowerment because children go astray'; CBSE question paper with anti-woman...

‘Women empowerment because children go astray’; CBSE question paper with anti-woman references


  • CBSE withdraws question
  • Board with explanation
  • The subject is also in Parliament

New Delhi: Opposition leaders and activists on Monday staged a sit-in protest against the CBSE Class X exam question paper. The description given in the question paper mentions that the empowerment of women and feminist ideas in the society is the reason why teenagers go astray. Many people protested against this on social media. The opposition walked out of the House raising the issue in Parliament.

The controversy arose over the questions that should be answered after reading an excerpt. Controversial remarks are made in the section of the question paper that precedes the questions. The question paper of the examination held last Saturday was the subject of controversy. Many accuse these descriptions of being misleading and reactionary.

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“It’s too late for many to realize that freeing their wives is a loss of parental control over their children.” There was a similar reference in the description. At the same time, there was a question as to what the Lord’s position was on this account. The possibilities for answers were whether the author was a mail chauvinist or a rude person. But the English news website, The Quint, reports that the correct answer is that the author is someone who enjoys life.

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The CBSE said that this part was dropped from the examination after the incident became controversial. The CBSE on Monday said that all students will be given full marks for these questions. The CBSE also said that some parents had approached them saying that the references in the question paper were promoting reactionary ideas. The CBSE omitted this, pointing out that the questions could lead to many interpretations.

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