Woman's foot slipped on moving train, people saved her new life

Woman’s foot slipped on moving train, people saved her new life

“Jako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koye”, if God is with you then nothing can go wrong with you. A video is going viral very fast on social media. A woman was about to die in this video, but the people present there saved her. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Many reactions are also coming on this video.

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Actually, a female passenger was trying to board the train at Mumbai’s Vasai Road railway station, when her leg slipped. In such a situation, the life of the female passenger was about to die, but due to the vigilance of the people present there, she was saved. You can see in the video how the woman stumbled and fell. People quickly came forward to save him. Many people have also given their reactions on this video.

This video has been tweeted by news agency ANI. So far 40 thousand people have seen it. A user has commented on this video – what was the need to board a moving train?, while another user commented on it saying that it should not have been done. This can also lead to death.

To be honest, we need to be very careful while boarding the train or traveling. Our lives can be lost due to negligence.


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