Woman put her umbrella to save rickshawwala from rain, Harsh Goenka said...

Woman put her umbrella to save rickshawwala from rain, Harsh Goenka said interesting thing by sharing photo

Woman put on her umbrella to save the rickshaw driver from the rain

Helping the poor is a wonderful and noble work. Everyone should help the poor and needy. Often we also help the needy people on the way. Whether it is to give them food, money or clothes, we try our best to do what we can. A picture is going viral on social media, on seeing which you will automatically wake up feeling of helping people. This picture is very beautiful and will touch anyone’s heart.

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This picture that touched the hearts of people has been shared by businessman Harsh Goenka on his Twitter. Along with the photo, he has also written a very interesting caption. He wrote- ‘Do anything for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are….

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In this picture you can see that a rickshaw puller is taking a woman ride in heavy rain and is getting herself wet. The woman sitting on the rickshaw has put her umbrella on the rickshawman to save him from getting wet in the rain. Through which an attempt is being made to tell that no matter who the person is or whatever it is, we should help everyone.

People are very much liking the photo on social media. So far more than 2 thousand likes have come on this photo. People are giving their reaction on the photo. One user wrote – mind is like an umbrella, it is more useful when open.