WorldWithout working, a person used to get a hefty salary, the company...

Without working, a person used to get a hefty salary, the company used to get promotion in lieu of ‘cheating’, know how


  • Employee kept taking hefty salary from the company without working for many years
  • Used to do data entry work very easily using secret code
  • Got promotion many times and salary increased twice, rejected other job offers

Any person doing a job waits for the first date of the month. After working hard for the whole month, this is the day when the salary comes in the account. But there is also an employee who kept taking salary from the company for many years without hard work. The man worked in an institute for five years and continued to get promotions and salaries. But during this he did not do any hard work, which has been disclosed by the employee himself.

A man has claimed on social media platform Reddit without revealing his identity that he took salary for five years without working in a company. He told that in the year 2015, he got a job in a company, where his work was data entry. He used to get the data through e-mail which had to be fed into the system. The office had asked him to work in the night shift at work from home.
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Two months salary given for making code
In a social media post, he revealed that when his training started, he realized that he could easily do this hour-long task with just one code. He contacted a freelance developer to get this code done. The developer made the code and gave it to the employee, but for this he took money equal to his two months salary. This code made his work very easy, but for about two years, he used to check it after completion of the work.

worked for hours in minutes
However, it took him only five minutes to do this work in an hourly shift. When he believed the code, he would leave the computer on during his shift to fall asleep or go for a walk. The company also gave promotions several times for his ‘excellent work’ and increased his salary twice. He told that in between he got job offers from other places which he turned down because he was getting money in this office ‘without working’.

After some time the company developed a program, after which its position ended. Even after the job is over, the company has offered him to apply for any other post in future.