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Withdrawal from kyiv, Battle of Donbass: Understanding Act II of the War in Ukraine

VIDEO – With the repositioning of Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, a new phase of the Russian invasion launched on February 24 opens. Supporting maps, Le Figaro deciphers the main issues.

The map of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed profoundly in a few days. Russian forces have left the north of the country, and in particular the kyiv region. With this withdrawal, the Ukrainians discovered in the recaptured territories the bodies of hundreds of murdered civilians. The Russians are repositioning themselves to the east, in the Donbass region, partly held by pro-Russian separatists since 2014. And Moscow has been excluded from the UN Human Rights Council. A new phase of the war begins. Has Russia lost Act I? What are the military and diplomatic stakes of Act II? Nearly a month and a half after the start of the conflict, is Russia isolated on the international scene?

In this new point of situation, find our answers in video, maps in support. Forty minutes to understand the military situation and the geopolitical context of the war in Ukraine.