SportsWith the 13, Raquel

With the 13, Raquel

Cover of book 13, by Andrea Menéndez Faya.

They can appear at any time: in a historical event or in a daily event. It can be anyone: a celebrity, a friend, or someone anonymous. And they can be so for many reasons: because of their values, because of their talent, because of their attitude, or simply because of the way they treat others. The referents —those role models that appear in life— help to complete personalities and decipher aspirations. There is, also, a certain level of chance in their choice, since they must appear at the right moment for the person who will adopt them as an example.

In the world of sports, a simple move – a draw, a basket or a backhand – can remain etched in the memory forever and decide what spectators will want to dedicate to. On referents and on the struggle of women to play soccer speaks 13 (Planeta), a novel by Andrea Menéndez Faya. Raquel, the protagonist, always dreamed of being a professional soccer player. He has succeeded, but one event – he receives a letter from the mother of a girl who admires her and who is being bullied for wanting to play soccer – will make him reflect on the number of people who for a long time were paving the way for women. football players.

A book about companionship, football, bullying, self-improvement or the necessary change that our society is experiencing. Also about the importance of referents: that they are aware that they are and know how to direct that power that has been granted to them in the right direction to continue moving forward.

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