IndiaWill there be a 15 minute power cut? Possibilities Thus, KSEB...

Will there be a 15 minute power cut? Possibilities Thus, KSEB along with the meeting

Thiruvananthapuram: With the acute shortage of coal in the country, Kerala is worried about whether a power cut will be imposed. It is reported that the government will take a decisive decision in the power crisis. Power Minister K Krishnan Kutty has said that a power cut will be required in the event of a crisis. KSEB is closely monitoring the power crisis. With the power cuts in Punjab and Rajasthan, the question arises as to whether Kerala, which buys power from other states, will also need power regulation.

Possibility for power control

Mathrubhumi reported that due to the severe shortage of coal in the country, the supply of electricity from thermal power plants has been reduced and there may be power restrictions in Kerala. But there has been no official response or announcement from the government in this regard. The assessment is that due to the low availability of power, it is necessary to reduce the consumption or else control will be required. Electricity consumption in the state is currently declining as the rains continue. However, there are indications that the crisis will continue and power consumption in Kerala is likely to increase in the coming months.

KSEB joins the meeting

KSEB convened a special meeting on Sunday to assess the situation with the shortage of power from thermal power plants. The meeting decided to spend an additional Rs 2 crore daily to purchase power to avoid such a situation as there is a possibility of further restrictions. Production at the Kozhikode Good Diesel Power Station is stalled. The meeting decided to make this power plant operational. KSEB’s move is to ask BPCL for fuel for the operation of the diesel thermal power plant here. Meanwhile, the Kudankulam nuclear power plant has started receiving 130 MW of power which was cut off.

Will there be a 15 minute power outage?


As the coal shortage in the country worsens, there is a possibility of a 15-minute power cut in the state, the report said. Kerala buys power from 27 thermal power plants outside the state. B Ashok said. “There are power outages at three of these 27 thermal power plants. The major power plants that buy power in Kerala have their own coal mines. They are not currently affected by the coal shortage. Power Minister K Krishnan Kutty yesterday said that the possibility of power cut in the state has not been ruled out. It was supposed to get a thousand megawatts from the center but it was reduced. At the same time, the amount of power received from other states has decreased. Koodam gets only 30% of its electricity from the pond. He said a power cut would be needed if the situation continued.

Always make a power cut, chances are

It is reported that if there is a power outage in the state, it will be only 15 minutes. The highest power consumption in the state is from 6.30 pm to 11 pm. At this time, electricity from outside Kerala is used. Therefore, power outages are likely to occur between 6.30 and 11 p.m. Electricity supply is currently down by 15 per cent. Only if it exceeds 20 per cent will there be a 15-minute power cut in the state. At the same time, the government is of the view that there is no need to impose power restrictions at present and that it should issue instructions to reduce consumption.


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