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Will New Zealand lose to Afghanistan under pressure? Akhtar says questions will arise!

The most crucial matches of the Super 12 round of the World Cup are about to take place. Currently, Pakistan is the only team to reach the semi – finals. England have the upper hand in Group One. South Africa and Australia are battling for second place. The South Africa-England match is the most crucial. There are three more matches in Group Two. The chances of reaching the semi-finals will be similar to the result of the Afghanistan-New Zealand match. The former Pakistan pacer said that many questions would arise if Afghanistan wins. New Zealand dominates the match. But Akhtar said New Zealand was under pressure after India won two big matches. “India seems to be doing what seemed amazing. India’s fate is still in the hands of New Zealand. If India makes a comeback, it will be of great benefit to cricket,” Akhtar said in a video shared on social media. If Afghanistan defeats New Zealand, it will spark a big debate. That will be the discussion on social media. New Zealand is a better team than Afghanistan. Akhtar said that if that happened then no one would be able to stop the talks. Earlier, when India defeated Afghanistan, former Pakistan players were accused of match-fixing. But it was clear that this had nothing to do with it.