SportsFootballWill Cristiano retire? Muhammad Salah wishes, they will meet tomorrow !!

Will Cristiano retire? Muhammad Salah wishes, they will meet tomorrow !!


  • Header goals make Cristiano dangerous
  • Klopp says there is no comparison between Mohamed Salah and Cristiano
  • Salah prepares to score in the 10th match in a row

Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah are in the spotlight as they prepare for Sunday’s Super Cup clash between Manchester United and Liverpool in the English Premier League. Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored the winning goal for Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League, has once again proved that he is an ageless fighter. Mohamed Salah, on the other hand, has scored a record number of consecutive goals for Liverpool. If he scores against Manchester United in Super Sunday, Salah will become the first player to score for Liverpool in ten consecutive matches.

In terms of age, the Egyptian striker is the junior of the Manchester striker. Salak is 29 years old. Portugal captain turns 37 Cristiano Ronaldo has reached the age where legendary players say goodbye to international football and wear a coaching shirt. But Cristiano continues his journey, surpassing the record for most goals in world football. He also scores goals for both the country and the club in the same form. How long can you continue playing like this? Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked with a move to Manchester United due to his health problems. Soon after, discussions arose that Cristiano might retire from international cricket. But Cristiano Ronaldo has made it clear that he has no such plans.
It’s not time to stop playing. It’s up to me, not others, “Cristiano Ronaldo told reporters. I would stop if I felt I had lost the strength to run, dribble, or shoot. But I find myself inspired every day. My family, friends, fans and I are equally happy with my form. You only talk about Portugal, I have the most goals, assists and wins in the Champions League. The goal is to play more feet and try to give more time to those who like me – Cristiano said.

Manchester United to IPL! Cristiano and team into cricket !!

Mohamed Salah, who joined Liverpool from AS Roma in 2017, has scored 137 goals in 214 appearances. Salah, who holds the record for most consecutive goals, wants to end his career at Liverpool. With his contract with Anfield set to expire next year, Salah has revealed his desire to stay at Liverpool. Leading European teams are in the running to acquire Salah, who has played for FC Basel, Chelsea, Fiorentina and Roma. But the player says he can’t think about playing against Liverpool right now. The football world is looking forward to the Cristiano-Sala fight. Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp asks why they are being compared. Both are world class! Moe’s left foot is excellent, and Cristiano’s strength is in the headers. “I don’t want to compare them,” Klopp said.

Mohammed Salah is a great striker and must have a flawless defense to stop him. Cristiano is a player who only aims for the best. He is proving it in every match. “Let’s wait and see,” said Manchester United coach Soulszer.

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