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Wife of President Moise, who was assassinated in Haiti, asked the UN for help to find the perpetrators.

Moise made assessments to CNN about the details of the assassination, in which he himself survived with injuries.

Moise said that the people behind the attack have not been clarified yet. “Someone gave the order, someone paid the money. These are the people we are looking for. I want the UNSC to help find these people.” said.

Moise noted that when they heard gunshots outside their home on the night of the attack, they realized that something was wrong, and when they realized that the gunmen had entered the house, they tried to hide behind the bed.

Moise said that about 12 Spanish-speaking people entered the room, who were obviously looking for something. he said.

Moise stated that he did not think that the attackers would be able to enter their rooms since there were between 30 and 50 security guards in the house they were in, and that from where he was lying injured, the attackers could only see their shoes.

Pointing out that the attackers confirmed President Moise’s description by notifying someone else over the phone, Moise said, “At that time (Jovenel Moise) was alive. They said he was tall, thin and black. Then they shot him.” used his statements.

“There was no dialogue between the attackers and Moise”

Moise underlined that there was no conversation between the attackers and Jovenel Moise, adding that the attackers also thought he was dead.

Noting that the security teams did not come after a while after the assassination, Moise noted that he asked the maid for help in order to give first aid to his wife.

Moise stated that she was surprised by the absence of security guards around the house when she was taken to the hospital, adding, “The guards don’t go without orders. Maybe they were ordered to go. If they didn’t, we had more security than the attackers. I believe the President died in the hope that the security team would come.” made its assessment.

Criticism of Haitian intelligence from Moise

Criticizing the intelligence and security units’ lack of knowledge of the attack, Moise said, “It’s terrible that the killing of a President has been planned for months and those around him don’t know about it. This showed me that the security and intelligence systems in my country need more work. If these people have been there for months and a If we had work, if there was an intelligence system, President Moise would know.” used his statements.

Expressing that he doubts that the investigation will come to an end, Moise said, “There are powerful people in Haiti. Because of their power, I am not sure that the current investigation will find answers.” said.

“Is it a crime to want to save the state from the clutches of corrupt oligarchs? Jovenel Moise showed us the way, opened our eyes, so let’s not let our President’s blood shed in vain,” Moise said, referring to the struggle of his assassinated wife. used the phrase.

Underlining that the interim government should hurry for the constitutional referendum, which Jovenel Moise advocated and gives more power to the president, in addition to the new elections, Moise said, “I think we will have a better country with the upcoming election and the changed constitution. Not in five years, but probably in 10 years.” He’s not in it either, but we have hope.” he said.

Moise assassination

Haiti’s 53-year-old President Moise was killed in an attack on his home by gunmen on July 7, and his wife, Martine Moise, was injured.

Moise, whose condition was critical, was taken to Baptist Hospital in Miami, USA by ambulance plane.

Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph declared a “state of emergency” in the country after Moise was assassinated at his home.

National Police Director Leon Charles said that the assassination was carried out by a commando unit, which included 26 Colombian and 2 Haitian US citizens.

Haitian public suspicions that the United States was involved in the assassination increased after it was revealed that the mercenaries who killed Moise shouted “Operation DEA”.

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