IndiaWife did not serve mutton curry; Complainant arrested for calling 100

Wife did not serve mutton curry; Complainant arrested for calling 100

Nalgonda: A man has been arrested for calling his wife’s helpline number and complaining that his wife was not serving mutton. He called the police after he got into an argument with his wife after getting drunk. The incident took place in Nalgonda in Telangana on Friday.

When first called, police thought it was a joke. Naveen later called the police control room five times and took him into police custody.

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Naveen came home with mutton on Friday after getting drunk. He asked his wife to make mutton curry. But when his wife was not ready for it, Naveen called the police control room number 100 and complained.

He was taken into police custody when he reached Naveen’s house on Saturday morning. Naveen did not remember calling the control room the day before when the police arrived.

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He has been charged under various sections of the Penal Code for harassing a drunkard in public and misbehaving in a public place.

Kangal SI Nagesh said the number to contact the police in case of emergency is 100. Police warned against using the facility. Police said the case was registered against Naveen for wasting police time on a trivial matter.

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