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Why is Hemant Soren angry with Bihar? Comment on Bhojpuri and Magahi Politics or mistake?

New Delhi: Why is Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren angry with Bihar? The harsh remarks towards the language of Bihar are part of Hemant Soren’s politics or a mistake? Why is Hemant Soren getting caught in such controversies every day? This question arose when the Jharkhand CM made a scathing remark on the language-Maghi and Bhojpuri of Bihar, after which a big controversy has arisen.

Recently, Hemant Soren created controversy by saying that Magahi and Bhojpuri are the languages ​​of Bihar and not of Jharkhand. He said- ‘Bhojpuri and Magahi are the languages ​​of Bihar, not of Jharkhand. Biharization of Jharkhand is happening. He did not stop here and said that by attacking the honor of women, it is abused in Bhojpuri language. He also linked it to the identity of Jharkhand and said that the language of Bihar has not contributed to the Jharkhand movement. It was fought on the basis of tribal and regional languages. It also said that ‘Those who speak Bhojpuri, Magahi are all dominating persons.’ Hemant Soren even called the Bhojpuri language speaker as the watcher of the wealth of Jharkhand.

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Obviously, politics intensified after his statement. BJP attacked him. But Hemant Soren later indicated that he had made the statement with full preparation and did not regret it. The reason behind Hemant’s statement is to strengthen his politics of regionalism more than being angry with Bihar. He has his own vote bank behind this, which he is giving a message on this pretext.

On Sunday too, he tweeted- ‘Tributes to the creator of the tribal ho language Warang Kshiti script and the great litterateur Ot Guru Kol Lako on the birth anniversary of Bodra ji. The rich tribal and regional languages ​​here are the identity of Jharkhand and Jharkhandiyat. Taking lessons from our forefathers, it is the responsibility of all of us to protect and nurture them.

Is Soren keeping the promise?
In fact, in recent years, Hemant Soren has made his inroads among the tribals in Jharkhand and has emerged as one of their strong vote bank. In the 2020 assembly elections, the BJP had to bear the brunt of the anger of the Tribal and then in the election, Hemant Soren had kept a long list in his election promises. The issue of local and external was also raised. There were also indications of changes in the land policy. He got political benefit from this. Now the challenge was in front of Hemant to move forward on these promises. His statement on the local language is being told as part of the same politics.

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Recently, the government of Hemant Soren had announced a new policy for the restoration of government jobs in the state. In this, at least 30 percent marks in one regional and one tribal language have been made mandatory to appear in the merit list. Hindi was also removed in it. Along with this, employment policy has been approved to reserve 75 percent jobs out of 30 thousand jobs per month for the local people.

From language to job, Hemant Soren started raising the issue of local versus outsider in 2016. In 2016, when the then BJP government formulated a new domicile policy, it was alleged that tribal interests were sidelined in it. Since then Hemant Soren had started a special campaign to get hold of this vote. It also got benefits. Even after coming to power, they are taking this issue forward. According to Hemant’s close friends, he will not back down from this strategy.

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Congress will get stuck
The state has about 28 per cent tribal population. Apart from 28 percent tribals in the state, there are also 12 percent Muslims. Hemant feels that if he is successful in completely turning this vote in his favor, then his political equation in the state will become very strong. Recently, there was a dispute in the Vidhan Sabha over the creation of a separate room for Namaz. But this politics also has its dangers. There is always the danger of counter polarization. Also, since the Congress is also an ally in the state government, it will not be easy for the party to defend such a policy.


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