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Why do so many people’s feet in shoes wash up on the beach?

At least 20 human feet have washed up on the shores of the Salish Sea, stretching from British Columbia (Canada) to Washington state (USA), since August 2007. The most recent case was on New Year’s Day 2019, when many travelers on Jetty Island in Everett, Washington found a foot wearing a boot.
Many theories arose, suggesting that it could be the victim’s foot of a serial killer who likes to eat people’s feet, or mafia disposing of corpses.

Many feet washed ashore in Canada, USA.

However, recently, doctor Karan Raj gave a simple explanation on his TikTok account with more than 4 million followers. In a video that has nearly 700,000 views, the British doctor explains that the mystery of the drifting feet lies in the anatomy and design of the shoe.

Dr Karan Raj explains: “When a body sinks to the bottom of the sea, it becomes a meal for scavengers. They are lazy and prefer software to hard parts.”

According to Mr. Raj, the softest are the tissues and tendons around the ankle. Therefore, when scavengers eat this part, the feet will quickly detach from the body.
Besides, modern shoe models are easy to float, so they can carry their feet ashore. According to National Geographic, sneakers made in the past decade often have pockets filled with gas that make them impossible to sink.

As for the reason why human feet appear only on the Salish coast, oceanography professor Parker MacCready said the area has storms that easily wash them ashore.


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