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Why do Boeing and Airbus want to delay the deployment of 5G networks?

CEOs of two major airlines, Boeing and Airbus, have called on the US government to delay the rollout of 5G internet, saying the technology could affect flights and wireless equipment.

The two wrote a joint letter and sent it to Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg on December 20. According to them, “5G interference may adversely affect the ability of aircraft to operate safely”.

In December, the FAA warned that 5G could interfere with sensitive aircraft electronics such as radio altimeters.

The airline industry and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have raised concerns about AT&T and Verizon’s plans to roll out 5G networks as early as 2022.


The rollout of the 5G network was delayed once to put in place precautionary measures to limit the impact, but airline business groups say those measures are not enough.

Boeing and Airbus have come up with a countermeasure to limit mobile data transmissions around airports and other critical areas. Meanwhile, wireless industry group CTIA says 5G is secure. The company accused the airline industry of distorting facts and causing fear.