IndiaWhy did the Taliban ban Kovid vaccination? Instructions Thus, the notice...

Why did the Taliban ban Kovid vaccination? Instructions Thus, the notice was posted at the hospital


  • Taliban ban Covid vaccination
  • Notice was issued clarifying the ban.
  • Taliban move targeting Kabul.

Kabul: The Taliban has banned Covid-19 vaccination against the country’s capital, Kabul. Foreign media reported that the ban was imposed in Pakistan. A notice was issued at the regional hospital in the area stating the ban.

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The Taliban has not clarified the reason for banning the Covid vaccination. The ward that administers the vaccine has been closed for the past three days, said Valayat Khan Ahmadzai, the provincial director of public health. The Taliban told the vaccination distribution center not to vaccinate. Authorities have been notified that the vaccine has been banned.

Covid vaccination was introduced in Afghanistan as part of a United Nations program. Days ago, the Taliban captured the Pakistani province. The Taliban seized a gurudwara belonging to a Sikh sect and removed the religious flag.

According to current reports, the Taliban may enter Kabul soon. The last Taliban to capture Logar province, about 50 kilometers from Kabul.

Within hours of capturing Kandahar, the Taliban captured three strategic provinces. Of the 34 provinces in Afghanistan, 18 are under Taliban control. As the army and police retreat, 65 percent of the country is under Taliban control.

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As the threat of a Taliban move intensified, the United States and Britain began moving to deploy more troops to strengthen defenses in conflict-torn areas. These countries began trying to repatriate their own citizens from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, mass exoduses from various parts of Afghanistan continue. So far, more than four lakh people have fled their homes to safer places, according to a UN report.

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