IndiaWhy are there no women as new governors? Khushboo asked the...

Why are there no women as new governors? Khushboo asked the question


  • Khushboo said he could not find a single woman
  • The actress says neglect hurts
  • Khushboo joined the BJP last year

Chennai: Actress and BJP leader Khushboo has criticized the Centre’s move to appoint new governors in eight states. Khushboo’s question is why, despite the appointment of eight governors, there is not a single woman in it. Khushboo’s question was to President Ram Nath Kovind.

New governors will be appointed in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Tripura, Mizoram, Himachal Pradesh and Govardhan. Mizoram Governor Sreedharan Pillai was transferred to Govardhan. Haribabu Kampatti is the new Governor of Mizoram. Tawar Hand Gelad is the new Governor of Karnataka. The other new governors are Bandharu Dattatreya, Rajendran Vishwanath and Mankubai Sahanbai. This was followed by Khushboo’s response.

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“I have a question for the Hon’ble President. Can you find a single woman governor in any state? Why this neglect? This move from you is very painful. I hope it does not hurt you.” Khushboo tweeted.

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Khushboo, a former Congress leader, resigned from the party and joined the BJP in October last year. He contested the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections but lost from the Thousand Lights constituency.

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