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Who’s who in Dominguetti’s testimony and unanswered questions on suspicion of bribery in Health

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The Pandemic CPI heard this Thursday Luiz Paulo Dominguetti, independent representative of Davati Medical Supply who stated to Folha de São Paulo having received a bribe proposal from a former director of the Ministry of Health while negotiating the sale of vaccines against covid-19 earlier this year. Dominguetti offered the ministry millions of doses of AstraZeneca, even though he had no indication of how he would deliver them, and says he had at least one meeting with the ministry’s former Logistics director, Roberto Ferreira Dias, who would have made him the corrupt proposal. The deponent reaffirmed to the CPI that he received Dias’ bribe proposal, one dollar for each dose of immunizing would be diverted. The server, appointed as an indication of the Center for the folder, was exonerated after the report of the leaf. This Thursday, Dias denies having heard any proposal for a bribe and says it is a “puppet” used by third parties.

Still at the CPI session, Dominguetti admitted that he is a military police officer with a civil service exam in Minas Gerais and stated that he works with commercial representation to “supplement the income”. The complainant also presented an audio in which he claims that federal deputy Luís Miranda (DEM-DF) tried to negotiate vaccines with the company he represented. Miranda is precisely the deponent who accuses names of the Ministry of Health of trying to profit illicitly from the purchase of another vaccine, Covaxin, and of having alerted Jair Bolsonaro about the case. The deputy’s audio quote sparked an uproar in the session. According to the president of the CPI, Omar Aziz, the recording was edited to incriminate Miranda. Dominguetti, who was already being questioned as a witness by the government, came to be seen by some opposition members as suspect or “planted” just to discredit Miranda.

To try to navigate the thickening plot, we prepared a who’s who among those cited by Dominguetti and the unanswered questions surrounding the case.

who’s who in the deposition

Luis Dominguetti Pereira – Independent representative of Davati Medical Supply, which presents itself as an intermediary and distributor of AstraZeneca vaccines ―the pharmaceutical company denies having intermediaries in Brazil. He accused the ministry’s former director of Logistics, Roberto Ferreira Dias, and Lieutenant Colonel Marcelo Blanco da Costa of having charged him a $1 bribe per vaccine in an offer of a batch of 400 million doses of AstraZeneca. He is a military police officer, acting as a representative to supplement his income, according to him.

Roberto Ferreira Dias – Former Director of Logistics at the Ministry of Health, dismissed after the Folha de São Paulo bring the interview with Dominguetti Pereira stating that Dias asked for a bribe in the negotiation of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The order would have been made at a restaurant in Brasília. Dias confirms the meeting, but denies having made the corrupt proposal. He also denies having put pressure on the folder to close the purchase of another vaccine, the Indian Covaxin.

Marcelo Blanco da Costa – Lieutenant colonel who acted as an advisor to the Department of Logistics of the Ministry of Health in the administration of General Eduardo Pazuello as minister of Health. After the accusations, the Government stated that he lost his position in January of this year. He was present at the dinner with Ferreira Dias and Dominguetti, according to the deponent.

Christiano Alberto Carvalho – Accredited representative of Davati Medical Supply, which made the first contacts with the Ministry of Health. He was not present in the bribe negotiations denounced by Dominguetti. According to the deponent, it was Carvalho who encouraged him to report the bribe proposal to the leaf and he was also the one who played the audio shown by Dominguetti at the CPI with the voice of deputy Luis Miranda. Miranda appears talking about a negotiation that the deponent says was about vaccines. CPI says the audio was edited to incriminate Miranda.

Laurício Monteiro Cruz – Director of the Department of Immunization at the Ministry of Health, he bridged Dominguetti with Roberto Ferreira Dias, according to the deponent. Dias says that it was Lieutenant Colonel Blanco who arrived at the meeting bringing Dominguetti.

Colonel Elcio Franco – He was executive secretary of the ministry under General Eduardo Pazuello, until his resignation in March. He would have met with Dominguetti after he had spoken with Roberto Ferreira Dias, but had not been aware of the proposed corruption that would have frightened the representative.

Colonel Odilon – According to Dominguetti, it was Colonel Odilon who introduced him to Colonel Blanco. Odilon would have contacted him on other occasions to consider buying medicine with Dominguetti. Details about Odilon are still lacking.

Davati Medical Supply – Subsidiary of the Davati Group, which since 2014 also acts as a worldwide distributor. The Davati Group is headquartered in Texas.

The unanswered questions in the case

– If AstraZeneca does not have intermediaries in Brazil, why did Davati offer vaccines produced by the company?

– How could Davati deliver the immunization agents, if AstraZeneca had no vaccine, not even to supply the European Union, which had an agreement with the company?

– Luiz Paulo Dominguetti gave an interview to Folha de São Paulo to talk about the bribe request. Why didn’t the main representative of Davati speak?

– Why did Dominguetti show an audio insinuating dishonesty of deputy Luis Miranda (DEM-DF)?

– Has Davati had sales problems in other regions of the country?

– If the complaint made by Dominguetti about the request for bribery is false, why was director Roberto Ferreira Dias sent away?

– Who is Odilon that Dominguetti said took him to the Ministry of Health?

– Why didn’t the Government defend the servants accused by Dominguetti?

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