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Who will win the Euros, Italy or England? The figures are like this !!


  • Italy beat England in Euro Cup final
  • Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane will be crucial
  • Italy dominated when the two teams clashed

London: The Euro Cup 2020 tournament is coming to an end. England and Italy will meet at Wembley in the final. The match will start at 12.30 am on Monday Indian time. Football fans are eager to know who will win the tournament, which starts on June 11. It will be unpredictable who will win the title when the two teams, who play both goal and defense, meet in the final.

England, who have yet to win a Euro, are looking for a major title in the quarter-finals. Under coach Gareth Southgate, there are young and experienced players with excellent performances. Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane are the spearheads of England. There are players who have proven their ability in the midfield and defense.

After winning the title in 1968, Italy failed to win the Euro. They lost in the finals in 2000 and 2012. Italy are the only team to have won authentically since the start of the season. The strategic coach Roberto Mancini is behind Italy’s success. Mancini will be able to put down a strong team in the final. A team that plays together on defense and forwards is likely to win the Euro Cup.

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Neither team has a threat of injury before the final. Earlier, the two met 30 times, while Italy won 11 times. England have won eight times. The last time they met was at Wembley in 2018. That day ended in a 1-1 draw. Goalkeepers from both teams will be crucial in the final. England’s Jordan Pickford and Italy’s Gianluigi Donnerumma are in good form throughout the tournament.

Argentina cheated and cheered


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