WorldWHO sets up an advisory group to investigate the origin of Covid-19,...

WHO sets up an advisory group to investigate the origin of Covid-19, China still opposes providing raw data of Wuhan patients

The fact that the WHO has so far been unable to say clearly where and when the virus began to spread has aggravated tensions among members, especially China, where the first case was recorded in Wuhan in January. the end of 2019, and the US.
WHO has called on all governments to work together to accelerate research into the origins of Covid-19 and “depoliticize the situation”.
WHO spokeswoman Fadela Chaib said on August 13: “We should work together. You, I and everyone want to know the source of the worst pandemic in a century.”

WHO asked China to provide raw data on the first Covid-19 cases in the country.

The organization has established an advisory group called the “International Scientific Advisory Group on the Origin of New Pathogens” to assist in accelerating further research.

Washington on August 13 welcomed the WHO plan, noting that “there should be an emphasis on science-based research and fact-based action to find the source of this pandemic so that we can detect it, better prevent and respond to future disease outbreaks,” according to Reuters.
Earlier this year, a research team led by WHO spent four weeks in Wuhan and surrounding areas working with Chinese researchers. In a joint report published in March, the group suggested that the SARS-CoV-2 virus may have been transmitted from bats to humans through another animal species. The report also asserts that the possibility of a leak from the lab is extremely unlikely.

However, the WHO on August 12 asked China to provide raw data of the first Covid-19 cases to conduct more investigations into the origin of the disease.

In response, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Chaoxu told the press on August 13 that it is necessary to recognize the conclusions of the investigation in China, and consider the request for more data to be politically motivated rather than political. a scientific investigation, according to AFP.

He said China did not refuse to cooperate in tracing the origin of COVID-19, but said that future investigations “can only be conducted based on the conclusions of the initial report, rather than starting an investigation”. over from the beginning”.


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