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White House: We are in no rush to recognize the Taliban in Afghanistan

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, White Houseat his daily press conference in AfghanistanHe made evaluations about the latest developments in .

Asked whether the US would recognize the Taliban in order to maintain diplomatic relations with Afghanistan, Psaki said: “As in all cases, this is conditional, but we are in no rush to recognize this government at the moment.” gave the answer.

Psaki, Biden’s “We will not leave Afghanistan until every American leaves the country.” Asked if he regretted his word, he said, “There is no change in his promise to get all American citizens out of Afghanistan, we will remain true to this promise.” replied.

Explaining how Biden learned that the last plane had taken off from Afghanistan, Psaki said that during his meeting with the national security team, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan informed Biden that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was complete.

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