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Which country is in the forefront of the world in hacking, how much is China’s hand? Microsoft told everything

The excessive use of technology in the world has also increased the concerns of hacking. Meanwhile, the world’s largest software company Microsoft has made a big disclosure last year regarding State Sponsored Hacking. Microsoft has reported that Russia was behind 58 percent of state-sponsored hacking cases in the past year. The company also said that China is responsible for less than 10 percent of the hacking.

Russia targets America and NATO countries
Microsoft said Russia mostly targeted government agencies and think tanks in the US. Apart from this, government and non-governmental agencies of Ukraine, Britain and European NATO member countries were also hacked. The SolarWinds hacking that took place in early 2020 caused panic all over the world. Not only was the data of US Federal Government agencies hacked, but many top secret information was also stolen.

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Success rate of Chinese hackers higher than Russia
Microsoft Corporate Vice President Customer Security and Trust Tom Burt wrote in the report that between July 2020 and June 2021, the success rate of Russian hackers increased to 32 percent. Earlier Russian hackers were successful in hacking only 21 out of every 100. Russian hackers are targeting government agencies around the world to gather intelligence. Which has increased from 3 per cent to 53 per cent in the last one year.

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Russian hackers targeting government agencies
Russian hackers are primarily targeting agencies involved in foreign policy, national security or defence. The report described ransomware attacks as a serious and growing plague. America has become its biggest victim. Ransomware attacks are criminal and financially motivated. In this, hackers steal your personal information or data and demand money in return for it.

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China is responsible for one in 10 hacking
Microsoft also reported that China is responsible for 1 in 10 attempts at state-backed hacking. Despite this, he has been successful in hacking the target network up to 44 percent. North Korea has been the second most hacking country during the year ended June 30. This country has done 23 percent of the hacking incidents in the whole world. Whereas last year, North Korea’s contribution was only 11 percent.

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North Korea ranks second with 23 percent hacking
Microsoft said that there are many cases of hacking coming from North Korea and Iran. Swarms of hackers are also active in South Korea, Turkey and Vietnam, although their numbers are very small. Companies developing Covid vaccine and treatment have also been attacked by cybercriminals.


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