IndiaWhere is the money to look after three children? Women protest...

Where is the money to look after three children? Women protest against Chinese government

New Delhi: There has been widespread protest in China against the Chinese government’s policy of allowing couples to give birth to up to three children. Women have been protesting against the new government policy on Chinese social media site Weibo. Women allege that the government is abusing their bodies for political purposes. News agency ANI reported that women protesting against the government’s new population control policy were accused of turning women’s bodies into government tools. The Chinese government has previously stipulated that a maximum of one child is sufficient for a couple. But in 2015 it was corrected to have up to two children. Later this year, China amended its law to allow parents to give birth to up to three children in order to increase the country’s population.

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The Chinese government enacted family planning laws based on the finding that China’s population growth is declining to its lowest level since 1950. In this context, the Chinese government estimates that the 2021 population policy will be a major step forward. But Stras alleges that the government’s policy is reversed and that the new law can only increase existing inequality. According to the news agency, the issue sparked protests in China on May 31, when the new policy was announced. Many blame the rising cost of living in the country. They point out that there is a huge increase in the cost of educating children and that they have to work longer hours. In addition, women say childcare centers are in short supply and beyond their means, including rent. Meanwhile, they allege that the government is forcing them to increase the number of children.

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Lu Fin, a Chinese feminist activist, told the New York Times that the government was not taking any action and that they were just talking. They also say that it is meaningless to say that the government will implement. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping is pushing for tough action against profiteering, including online tuition apps for children. The Chinese Communist Party had earlier promised to take action to prevent online tuition platforms from making a profit. China estimates that this could lead to a significant reduction in parental spending on children’s entrance coaching and education. In addition, the government has imposed restrictions on online gaming platforms. The new system prohibits children from playing games for more than three hours a day.


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