WorldWhere is the 'hell island' that is causing a storm?

Where is the ‘hell island’ that is causing a storm?

In Netflix’s rising reality dating show “Single Hell,” the only way for 12 handsome men and women to escape this deserted island is to become a couple. The show describes the island as a “hell”, where only successful couples can be helicoptered to “paradise” – a luxury hotel.

The “hell island” is Saseungbongdo, a deserted island off the west coast of Korea, not far from the capital Seoul.

Pictures of the beach and sand fields on Saseungbongdo Island

Despite its sudden popularity, the island is privately owned. And now it is not possible to visit this place, because fishing boats – the only way for tourists to get to the island – do not move during the winter.


The deserted small island, with a total area of ​​168,910 square meters, was officially registered as one of the uninhabited islands in August 2018. Visitors can reach Saseungbongdo by taking a fishing boat at a harbor at Seungbongdo, 2.2 km offshore Incheon.

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The members of the show “Single Hell” cook together in a wooden house built on the sand

Although it is called “hell island”, the scenery here is wonderful. The sea is clear, shimmering and a large sand field surrounded by dense forest. The grasslands of the North Shore are perfect for pitching a tent or a cooking table. The sandy fields stretching along the coast are suitable for those who like to sunbathe. In addition, watching the sunset and twinkling stars in the night sky from a quiet and peaceful island will bring unforgettable memories for visitors.