IndiaWhere is the follow-up to studying in the Netherlands? Cheriyal Philip...

Where is the follow-up to studying in the Netherlands? Cheriyal Philip with criticism


  • Criticism of the government
  • Floods and droughts can be expected in Kerala at any time
  • Suggestion that the government should formulate long-term plans

Kottayam: Cherian Philip, a fellow leftist, criticized the government in the backdrop of repeated floods and rains in the state. Cherian also criticized the Chief Minister’s visit to the Netherlands to study the floods. Cherian says no one knows if there will be further action after the visit. The criticism came in a Facebook post.

He blamed that if it had rained heavily and the dam had to be opened, most of the districts in Kerala would have been flooded.

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Due to climate change and environmental impact, floods and droughts can be expected in Kerala at any time. Floods and droughts can only be prevented if there is room for rainwater to accumulate on the ground. The government needs to come up with long-term plans to deal with both.

If there are no swamps or fields to store water, rainwater will enter the land. The rivers began to overflow when the soil became shallow.

The water in wells and ponds will not run dry only if the rainwater seeps into the ground. Without groundwater, water scarcity will worsen. Both hazards can be tackled only through land and water management.

It is a betrayal of the people for the authorities to shed tears and write lamentations in the relief camps after the disaster without paying enough attention to the disaster relief.

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We have learned many lessons from the floods of 2018 and 19. Went there and learned about the Netherlands model. No one still knows what to do next.

Many districts in Kerala would have been inundated if all the dams had been opened along with the heavy rains if the low pressure in the Arabian Sea had not receded and the rains had not subsided. Suffice it to say, great luck.
If man’s rape and exploitation in the Western Ghats do not stop, landslides along with rains will become a permanent phenomenon. Those who kill nature and the environment are paving the way for human bloodshed, Cherian Philip said in a Facebook post.

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