IndiaWhere are the certificates? Lokayukta asks Shahida Kamal to produce him...

Where are the certificates? Lokayukta asks Shahida Kamal to produce him if he wants to be honest


  • Shahida claims to have received an honorary doctorate for her social work
  • The government had earlier said that Shahida had a doctorate from a Vietnamese university
  • Shahida raises a strange argument

Thiruvananthapuram: The Lokayukta has questioned Shahida Kamal about fake educational qualifications. The court asked how the university came to know about Shahida’s women empowerment activities if her doctorate was from the University of Kazakhstan. The Lokayukta directed Shahida to produce certificates proving her educational qualifications.

The court questioned how the University of Kazakhstan came to know about Shahida’s women empowerment activities. Shahida’s reply was that the Malayalee representative at the university had recommended her. Shahida also requested the Lokayukta not to report the details of the case to the media.

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Earlier, the government announced that Shahida had a doctorate from a Vietnamese university. The Department of Social Justice responded under the Right to Information Act. However, an affidavit submitted to the Lokayukta today states that the Kazakh Open University has awarded Shahida an honorary doctorate. The government has stated that Shahida Kamal informed about this.

If Shahida’s honesty is to be ascertained, the documents will have to be produced before the court next time the case is heard. Shahida raises bizarre allegations in the fake doctorate allegation.

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Shahida had admitted that there was a flaw in her educational qualifications given in 2009 and 2011 when she contested the elections. Document given that he has a degree from the University of Kerala. However, Shahida explained that she got her degree from Annamalai University in 2016.

The Lokayukta issued the notice to Shahida on a complaint filed by Akhila Khan, a native of Vattapara. It is alleged that Shahida Kamal submitted fake educational documents. According to the complaint, Shahida Kamal’s doctorate is also fake. He had also lodged a complaint with the All India DGP alleging that Shahida was harassing the government and the people by claiming non-existent educational qualifications.

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