When the dog was getting wet, the guard gave the support of...

When the dog was getting wet, the guard gave the support of his umbrella, Harsh Goenka said – the fragrance remains in the hands of the rose giver

The dog was getting wet, so the guard supported his umbrella

Well-known businessman Harsh Goenka is very active on social media. The number of his followers is also huge. Harsh Goenka often shares funny and inspirational videos on social media. People like his every post very much and people appreciate him more and more. Recently he shared a picture. It is shown in the photo that a dog is getting wet in the rain, then a guard makes him sit under his umbrella and himself sits with an umbrella with him. This picture has won the hearts of the people. From this picture, we get a lesson that whether human or animal, we should help everyone.

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Harsh Goenka has shared this picture which touches the hearts of the people on his Twitter. Along with the photo, he has also written a very interesting caption. He wrote- Fragrance always remains in the hand that gives roses. Be kind… In the photo you see how the guard is sitting next to the dog by putting his umbrella over it so that the dog can avoid getting wet in the rain.

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People are very fond of this photo on social media. So far more than 1 thousand people have liked this photo. People are giving their reaction on the photo. One user wrote – In India there are two types of positive and relative. Have mercy on your relatives too. Another wrote – True! I think everyone should be kind to the best of their ability. If you have ever hurt a person/animal then it is even more important to show kindness as the best charity and goodwill.

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