When people arrived at the funeral grooving to the tunes of DJ,...

When people arrived at the funeral grooving to the tunes of DJ, you will catch your head after watching VIDEO

When the DJ played in Krabistan, the people who reached the funeral started dancing, the eyes will be torn after watching the video

No one misses a chance to dance to the tunes of a DJ at the wedding ceremony or any other occasion of happiness. You must have often seen many such videos on social media, in which people are seen dancing with rhythm, but have you ever seen anyone dancing in mourning. You will definitely be surprised to hear this, but seeing this recently viral video, you will also be convinced. It is often seen that when someone dies, mourning spreads in the house, everyone is seen crying, but in the past, a strange sight was seen in Birmingham, England.

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Recently a video is going viral on social media, which is being told of Witton Cemetery, Birmingham in Birmingham, England. Where people had come to attend the funeral of a woman named Katy. It is being told that first the woman was brought there by keeping her in the coffin. After this, the family members and friends, who came to attend the peace meeting, instead of mourning, started partying there, the video of which is becoming very viral on the internet.

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In the viral video, people are seen dancing to the tune of DJ in the graveyard. The video of these people dancing around the graves has now become a topic of discussion on social media. This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named ‘birmzisgrime’. Some are surprised to see the video, while some are expressing their displeasure. At the same time, some wrote that, ‘Wherever Katy is, she will be very happy to see this dance like this.’

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