World'When I look at AKM, I see Edip Cansever'

‘When I look at AKM, I see Edip Cansever’

renewed Ataturk Cultural Center One of the pioneers of the (AKM) building project AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Nabi Avcıevaluated AKM’s symbolic value, its place in Turkish modernization and its contribution to Istanbul’s cultural and artistic life, from the project stage to the present, to AA Analysis.

Nabi Avcı, who handled the AKM project while he was the Minister of Culture and Tourism, answered our questions about the steps taken by Ömer Arısoy, who was the Undersecretary of the Ministry at the time, and his team to implement the project, and what AKM means to them.

“In order to position the place and meaning that AKM occupies in our cultural life, I think it should not be considered too far from the Tanzimat.” Avcı pointed out that AKM is a symbol of continuity in the Turkish modernization story.

Saying that many events to be held at AKM are part of a vein that has been running since the Tanzimat, Avcı said, “In my eyes, AKM is one of the newest symbols of an adventure that actually started with the Tanzimat.” used the phrase.

Continuity emphasis in architecture

Avcı pointed out that the architect of the new AKM building is Murat Tabanlıoğlu, the son of the first architect Hayati Tabanlıoğlu, and that continuity is based on an architecture, and said:

“It was important that the new building to be built instead of the first AKM, that is, the AKM that burned down and then became unusable and left to rot, that could not be repaired in any way, should carry the color and emphasize such continuity.”

Reminding that the decision to demolish AKM, the project created an atmosphere that would be sacrificed to the debates of certain circles in Istanbul, Nabi Avcı underlined that the continuity in architecture also precludes this.

In this context, Avcı said, “We need this kind of continuity. We are tired of rebuilding everything from scratch. We thought that we needed a project that talked to the old AKM here, that diversified, enriched and multiplied its functions.” used the phrases.

Saying that Tabanlıoğlu and his team did a job that met expectations, Avcı said, “I would like to thank Murat Tabanlıoğlu and his team. They also emphasized that continuity, but they did a great job by enriching that continuity without turning it into something static, designing innovations that would provide the highest level of cultural benefit expected from that institution, and infusing those designs into the structure in a way that would not be strange at all.” said.

AKM’s contribution to the cultural and artistic life of Istanbul

Regarding the contribution that the renewed AKM will make to the cultural life of Istanbul, Avcı compared AKM to the beating heart of a metropolis. In this context, Avcı underlined that cultural activities carried out in different parts of the metropolis should be a central institution that in a sense reproduces and re-interprets them, and continued as follows:

“AKM should have such a function in Turkey. It will already be. In other words, to put it very generally, AKM will enrich the cultural life of Istanbul, but it will also prepare a kind of ground for many institutions with the energy that will rise from there, not with a monopolistic understanding that collects everything.”

“When I look at AKM, I see Edip Cansever”

As a person of culture and art, Avcı answered our question about which poet he associated the new AKM with:

“If we have to make such a comparison, this is not Mehmet Akif. Maybe Yahya Kemal, but he can also walk around a bit. When I look at this building, when I look at its possible users, consumers and its function, I always think of Edip Cansever and ‘I am Ruhi Bey, How am I?’ poetry comes to mind. For example, if a section from this poem were exhibited at the opening, one of the poetic responses that best summarized the meaning and atmosphere of this place would be given.”

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