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When Elon Musk Was ‘Teacher’! In 1995, ‘Tesla CEO’ checked two copies, sold in auction for 5.87 lakhs


  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk used to work as a teaching assistant in 1995
  • The then checked and graded two copies were sold in an auction for 5.87 lakhs.
  • Elon Musk’s sign on the copies, the auction house said – Musk’s signature is rare

Some papers related to Tesla owner Elon Musk have been sold for millions in an auction. In fact, grades were given by Elon Musk on these papers, which have been sold for $ 7,753 i.e. about Rs 5.87 lakh. Before starting Tesla, Elon Musk worked as a teaching assistant. In 1995, he helped grade exams and papers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Musk himself was a physics and economics student at the University of Pennsylvania at the time.

Musk worked as a teaching assistant for Class Management 231. Two coursework from 1995, short signed by Musk and grades written by him, were sold in an online auction for $7,753 (Rs 5.87 lakh). The auction price includes 25% of the payment made to the company RR Auctions. The auction house said nine pages of the University of Pennsylvania exam booklet were filled with a red ink sign and grade ’73, M’ written by Musk on the first page.

‘Musk’s sign is rare.’
The second exam booklet consisted of a case study on five pages with the topic ‘Ruth Oved’s Mail-Order Specialty Gardening Tool Idea’, the statement said. Musk gave it a grade of ‘8 1/2, EM’ from Red Ink. ‘Musk’s signature is rare,’ the auction house said. The papers were written by student Brian Thomas, who said that Musk had carefully marked all the pages, struck down the numbers and checked the correct answers.
Note my words, human civilization will end… Why did Elon Musk scare the world?
Musk warns of the end of human civilization
In the past, Elon Musk had warned about the end of human civilization. This American billionaire businessman had also expressed his concern over the global population due to the declining birth rate. The total number of people currently living on Earth is soon going to reach eight billion. Despite this, Musk believes that there are not enough people on Earth. He said that note down my words, it will definitely happen.