SportsWhen borders disappear

When borders disappear

The Olympic Games are a global event. His ability to convey a global message is unmatched and remarkable from the start. Different countries of the world choose to organize the event. Becoming a headquarters can change the international image of a nation and that is a privilege, but also a responsibility.

If something differentiates this quote from any other, it is the number of athletes who agree on it. Athletes from countless countries, with very different roots, concentrate on one point with a common goal. Multiculturalism is fascinating, people come from all continents. Personally, that coexistence is one of the human gifts that I appreciate the most.

My work has allowed me to travel around the world, delve into very different cultures and observe other ways of life. This difference is still a personal point of view towards another human being, different ways of acting that are beautiful to know. Just the way of greeting, the daily gestures, are details that enrich us.

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The Olympic experience allows us to grow and evolve incorporating new knowledge. Contact with other delegations is something nice, and we can always communicate outside of our comfort zone. The illusion of sharing and getting closer to the other overcomes any barrier. This linguistic and cultural variety that exists around the world fascinates me, and shows that the bridges between people do not understand borders.

The respect that is breathed in the Olympic Village is worthy of admiration. The nexus that sports builds supposes a base of tolerance among all, something that would be fundamental to transfer to society. Our origins determine patterns when it comes to dressing, we see very different food customs and even in the way we greet each other we perceive differences. Deep down, the distance between people is superficial.

More differences that we can find are the different religions or the different beliefs that may come into being, or the way to greet each other. Latinos or Americans have a more outgoing and seemingly spontaneous way of acting; In Asian countries, on the other hand, body contact is not generally well regarded and sometimes it tends to be avoided.

The education that we receive from our childhood, surrounded by a culture that is given to us, ends up defining our identity. Going to an Olympic event and showing respect for all people is the greatest legacy we can leave on others. Above any medal or mark obtained in the competition, regardless of any record for the posterity of the sport, the ties with other countries and the impact on their people is the true privilege of these appointments.

The values ​​that one develops throughout life end up defining our societies. The drive for the common good must be an engine for all. Cultural differences are nuances that define our being, enriching details if we act from tolerance. The Olympic Games represent a responsibility that does not end with our delegation, but with the respect shown by others. I may not have an Olympic medal on my record, but I do have the satisfaction of having left the Village with a full heart, full of pride at having progressed on a human level.

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