SportsWhat will change in Indian cricket in the new year?

What will change in Indian cricket in the new year?

Author: Rupesh Ranjan Singh
It often happens that the disputes related to you are discussed more than your achievements. The story of Indian cricket in the year 2021 was also similar. Throughout the year, the news of tension between the two strongest players of the team, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, kept floating in the air and by the end of the year, a new angle was added to the news of Sourav Ganguly. The Virat-Rohit-Sourav tri-confusion has forgotten how the Indian cricket team had written the story of its rise from the ashes in Australia earlier this year. When Team India, who reached Australia tour, was already reduced to just 36 runs in the second innings of the Test, the world was stunned. But India came back strongly after losing the first Test. The team returned home with full honours, after securing a historic 2-1 win in the four-Test series. In the same year, Team India proved by beating England first in their home and then on their ground that it is useless to show fear of pace, swing or bounce.

IPL between Corona
In the same year, the world’s largest cricket stadium, built on the banks of the Sabarmati river, was inaugurated in India, which was named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Corona also wreaked havoc on the Indian Premier League and had to be stopped midway. But this season played in two phases was memorable in many ways. A year ago, the Chennai Super Kings and its captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who were told to be paid, their coin again went on. Dhoni appeared in his old colors and made the franchise champion for the third time and sent the message that there is no one to compete with his cricketing brain. He handed over the command of the Indian cricket team to Virat and Virat seemed to overtake him in terms of winning matches but the ICC title drought remained intact.

On the back of consistent victories in Tests led by Virat Kohli, India also made it to the prestigious final of the Test Championship. However, India missed out on getting the title. The major reason for this lapse was considered to be more team selection than the performance of the players. The first day of the final of the Test Championship was washed out due to rain and conditions in England had turned favorable for the fast bowlers. But Team India came on the field with two specialist spinners, which was said to be its biggest strategic mistake. However, Virat never believed that the decision to go with two spinners was wrong from somewhere. Since then, captain Virat’s insistence in team selection started coming to the fore. In the post-mortem on the defeat of Team India, people started blaming the team selection the most. Meanwhile, fingers were also raised on Kohli’s decisions to not include veteran Indian off-spinner Ashwin in the XI for the tour of England and keep Kuldeep Yadav on the bench for a long time.

The win percentage of the Indian team was better. Because of this, Virat went on ignoring some questions arising in the midst of some defeats. Ignoring the issues related to fellow players was the main reason for the growing rift in the team. This intensified the whispers that fellow players were not happy with Virat’s captaincy and now that the Indian cricket board is looking for a new leader. There was talk of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli becoming two separate camps in Team India. It was said that the battle for supremacy has started within Team India.

Virat was going through the worst phase of his career as a batsman in the midst of a heated speculation market. It has been almost two years since Virat’s bat got the title of run machine. With the increasing failure of the bat and not winning any ICC title, Virat was also beginning to yearn. Perhaps for this reason he announced to step down from the captaincy from the shortest format. It would have been better if Virat had announced to leave the T20 captaincy after the end of the T20 World Cup, but this announcement before the tournament sent a message that the fighter named Virat, who turned out to be Vishwa Vijay, is now weakening.

After this, the Indian board decided to remove him from the captaincy of ODIs. The way this decision was implemented, it seemed that perhaps the board was also waiting for Virat to weaken. It was very awkward as the Indian board was headed by Sourav Ganguly, who, after assuming the position, made a long statement praising Virat. He believed that Virat did the work of taking Indian cricket to new heights. Kohli was stripped of the ODI captaincy as soon as Sourav Ganguly, who fully supported his players as captain, was the board president.

board of silence
It was probably not easy for Virat to digest as well and Virat, who spoke his mind without hesitation, got directly entangled with the board by the end of the year. He openly expressed his displeasure. However, the board refused to give importance to the matter by keeping silence. After this episode of Board and Virat, there was a clear indication of one thing that Indian cricket is now on the way to enter a new era from the ‘Virat era’. It is quite possible that the Indian Test team may get a new captain before the end of next year.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.